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Labette Community College  (620) 421-6700 / Parsons, KS
Labette Community College, located in Parsons, is dedicated to meeting the needs of adults who attend on a part-time or night-time basis, in addition to the needs of traditional two-year students. The administration and faculty regularly invite the participation of businesses and community leaders to help define evolving educational needs.
Pittsburg State University  (620) 231-7000 / Pittsburg, KS
Parsons is within easy driving distance of Pittsburg State University which has a four-year curriculum and graduate courses in many fields as well as the new Kansas Technology Center. In addition, there are a number of other two-year and four-year institutions in the area to assist with the educational demands of the community.
University Centers on developmental Disabilities are funded by the United States Federal Government to provide training, technical assistance, exemplary client services, and to develop and disseminate information to local, state, regional, and national agencies that provide services to persons with developmental disabilites. The UCDD acts as a resource and catalyst for the improvement of services provided by government and private agencies.
Public Schools
USD 503, the Parsons school system has established standards of excellence for both academic and extra-curricular activities. The town supports four elementary schools, a three-year Middle School and a four-year High School. The philosophy of the school system has been to provide students the comprehensive educational services they need to succeed. Increasingly, students are introduced to technologies that will prepare them for the future. Individualized instruction encourages students to develop their natural abilities. The curriculum strives for a balance between basic skills and the specific interests of the pupil.
USD 503 Office   (620) 421-5950
2900 Southern Avenue
P.O. Box 1056
Parsons KS 67357-1056
Elementary Schools
  • Parsons High School   (620) 421-3660 / 3030 Morton  Home of the Vikings
  • Parsons Middle School   (620) 421-4190 / 2719 Main
  • Garfield Elementary   (620) 421-3530 / 300 South 14th
  • Guthridge Elementary   (620) 421-6800 / 1020 South 31st
  • Lincoln Elementary   (620) 421-3510 / 18th and Dirr
USD 506 (620) 784-5326
401 S. High School
Altamont, KS 68508
Elementary School
  • Meadow View Elementary (620) 421-1857 / 1377 21000 Rd
Private/Parochial Schools
   St. Patrick's Catholic School   (620) 421-0710 / 1831 Stevens
   Parsons Christian Academy   (620) 421-2540 / 1611 N. 16thth
The Center Resource and Referral  (866) 732-9700